Cloud-to-Cloud Backups

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Cloud-to-Cloud backups

C2C (Cloud-to-Cloud) backups can be defined as the process of backing up data stored in one cloud service to another cloud service or private cloud service. C2C is especially important for organizations relying on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications, e.g. Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace. This allows the  second cloud service to act as a “off-site” backup solution for their main cloud solution in the extreme event of going completely offline.

SaaS applications do have backup capabilities, however their backup and restore capacities aren’t as matured as public cloud platforms. Public cloud providers offer enhanced data protection beyond the basics offered by SaaS applications.


The biggest benefit of having  a C2C backup solution would be the ability to stay ahead of the constantly evolving cyberthreats and malware technologies, as well as being able to deal with ever-changing and complex IT demands. 

The increase of cloud-based services has surpassed the growth of data/cyber defenses. Generally the Shared Responsibility model stipulate that cloud providers promise the resilience of their own infrastructure but leave the customer data unprotected. C2C backup solutions address a wide variety of cyber vulnerabilities and threats. These include, accidental deletion and retention policy gaps to malicious insiders, malware, ransomware, and beyond.

Amazon S3 for backups

Amazon S3 provides a scalable, highly available and secure cloud storage solution for your storage and compliance requirements. S3 also has many integrations and affinities with different SaaS and traditional platforms. This makes S3 ideal for Cloud-to-Cloud backups, enabling your data to be redundantly kept in a secure cloud environment. Sync your data from anywhere to S3, and ensure that your data integrity remains prosperous and sturdy.

Highly Durable

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Amazon S3 offers 99.999999999% (11 9s) of data durability.


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With S3 you only pay for the data you store in S3. Meaning your storage solution will be able to scale with you organization

Archival Storage

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S3 comes with many different archival storage classes, such as S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval, S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval and S3 Glacier Deep Archive.

Benefits of C2C Backups

Automated backups

C2C backups place the responsibilities of data protection and availability on public cloud provider. This eliminates the need for IT teams to manage and maintain the cloud solution because the backed up data is protected end-to-end by the SaaS provider.

Available Services

The number of providers offering SaaS products and services have grown recently. With more venders offering C2C services, you gain a wider variety of backup options to choose from, covering a greater variety of needs and use-cases to best fit you organizational needs and requirements.

Cost Effective

Replace large on-premises backup solutions with cloud-based alternatives, to decrease the initial hardware expenses, continuous maintenance costs and expensive data-availability delays that comes with traditional infrastructures. This allows you to utilize resources in other areas of you business.

Cloud-to-Cloud backups and Syncing

C2C Automated Backup and Restoration

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