Professional Services

We will work with your organization to design and deploy your computing resources into the cloud. Realize your organization’s true potential with CloudZA Professional Services.

Our Professional Services

CloudZA offers AWS Professional Services, where we are able to design, configure and deploy your cloud infrastructure, while following architectural and security Best Practices.

Architectural Guidance

CloudZA has a growing team of Cloud Architects that are there to help you with architecting the best solution for your workloads. Through Discovery Sessions, we will be able to vet your solution properly and find ways to save you costs when moving to the cloud.

We refer to existing architectures to enable us to provide advice for running virtually any workload on the AWS Cloud. Whether you want your workload to be secure and robust or lean and scalable, we will architect a solution that will best fit your business needs.

Portfolio Assessment

On-premise and Cloud based portfolio assessments, CloudZA will report on your current infrastructure and application portfolio. With our 100 point Cloud check we will be able to analyze and create cost reductions for your current workloads either in the cloud or on-premise. With enterprise testing capabilities, we are able to assess your compliance, security and under-utilized resources.

The CloudZA team has a deep understanding and practical experience with tools such as AWS Pricing Calculator, AWS Budgets and AWS Cost Explorer. We use these tools in conjunction with our own understanding and knowledge of cost savings, to simplify the costing process and assist you with your cloud journey.


Here at CloudZA we pride ourselves in our customer enablement of the AWS Cloud. We have an ever growing knowledge base of resources curated by our own AWS Cloud Architects. This is aimed at those of you that are new to the cloud, and want to learn more about how it can change your business. We offer Enablement Sessions, usually 2-3 hours in duration. These sessions are where we answer your questions and give you a better understanding of how to get started on the cloud.

Having an informed customer is the greatest strength in any industry. By providing guidance and enabling customers to use AWS services, it will create a more valuable and productive relationship between CloudZA and our customers. Therefore opening up possibilities for new projects or revised systems to help their business processes.

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