VMware on AWS

Migrate your current VMware workloads and applications to VMware Cloud on AWS with CloudZA. We help organisations alike by providing future-proof solutions through the integration of the AWS global architecture. Customers also gain access to AWS native services for a more personalised experience and tailor-made solutions fine-tuned to suit business needs. 

Migration with VMware on Cloud AWS

With VMware Cloud on AWS, users get to experience scalability and elasticity through seamless migration through HCX and vMotion offerings. With the introduction of live migrations, companies can move their workloads without having to experience any downtime while adopting a more secure structure with improved and dedicated networking – enhancing previous capabilities to help leverage the latest trends in technology all while reducing costs by moving to an on-demand pricing model.

VMware Cloud on AWS Disaster Recovery

With services such as DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service), companies are served with the opportunity of being able to adopt a hybrid computing model while being able to cut down on disaster recovery costs by having their data back-ups stored in the cloud for a more efficient solution.

Hybrid Environment

Using Hybrid Linked Mode, you can easily manage and monitor inventories across on-premises and cloud data centres via a single vSphere Client interface. You can access this interface with your existing on-premises credentials. Customers may benefit from centralised administration of their SDDC (Software Defined Data Centres) installations, resulting in cost savings and increased agility.

Benefits of VMware on AWS

Disaster Recovery

VMware on AWS provides robust disaster recovery options, ensuring business continuity in case of outages or data center failures.

Cost Optimisation

It offers cost-saving opportunities through flexible resource allocation, pay-as-you-go pricing, and reduced data centre maintenance expenses.

Security and Compliance

Leveraging AWS’s extensive security features, VMware on AWS helps organizations maintain high levels of security and meet compliance requirements in their virtualized environments.


Rapid Scalability

Businesses can quickly scale their VMware workloads on AWS to meet changing demands without the need for significant hardware investments.

Seamless Hybrid Cloud Integration

VMware on AWS enables easy integration between on-premises VMware environments and the AWS cloud, allowing for a consistent and hybrid cloud experience.

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