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We strive to remove the complications and complexities out of the cloud. Ensuring you fully understand the cloud and are able to realize the full potential of the cloud is our mission. Elasticity, scalability, resilience, security, flexibility, productivity, innovation and optimization, these are only the tip of the iceberg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cloud?

The cloud offers on-demand resources with a pay-as-you-use pricing model. You get access to the resources you need immediately and only pay for what you use.

Why Cloud?

Cloud offers the flexibility of on-demand infrastructure, this gives users the capability to reduce the total cost of running your applications. This is why users all over the world are migrating to cloud services, as it provides automation, management of the underlying resources and global reach in minutes.

What is Scalability and Elasticity

These concepts refer to the ability to increase and decrease computing resources instantly when necessary, to optimize the cost and resources being used. No more worrying about over or under provisioned resources.

How does Professional Services work?

Based on the scope of work, our team will provide a proposal for the period of billable hours it will take to complete the tasks. If the service is a on going project, once the scope of work is defined our team will provide a proposal for the solution to be built. With projects we generally work with milestones, these milestones assist in keeping the project on track.


Contact the team for a rate card.


Is my data safe in the cloud

By using least privilege access, you prevent access to services that require secure access and by implementing services in a private network you are able to completely secure your databases.

How can I get started?

Place an order for a product or service though our Products page, or schedule a Discovery Session so that we can fully understand what your needs and requirements are. This can all be done through the website, the CZ1 chatbot, Email, Phone, and even WhatsApp.

How does billing work?

You can check on your billing information and dates through our portal.

What are Managed Services?

Managed cloud services are the partial or full management and control of a client’s cloud platform, this includes modernization, migration, maintenance and optimization, but ultimately it is a collaborative process. CloudZA can provide managed services for private, public and hybrid cloud environments.


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