Moodle on AWS

Moodle has over 300 million users spread across 242 countries, making it the world’s most widely used learning platform. 

The world’s most widely used learning platform

Moodle enables educators, administrators and learners to utilize a single robust and secure system with many integrations and plugins, to create personalized online learning environments.

Moodle delivers a great set of powerful tools to empower educators and learners, enabling them to collaborate and learn from anywhere in the world. Moodle is easy to use, and has a plethora of features that are well documented on the Moodle website. Moodle is also multilingual, and the Moodle community is constantly translating Moodle into different languages,  with over 120 languages already supported.

Why Moodle on AWS?

The Moodle infrastructure can be run on many different platforms, however we at CloudZA specialize in deploying Moodle environments into the AWS cloud. We believe that AWS offers a great cloud platform for delivering fast, responsive and highly available Moodle environments. With powerful security tools such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for granular access control and MFA support for user logins, among many other security features.

More about AWS security here:

AWS allows for flexibility and agile workflow with Moodle deployments. With tools such as load balancers, auto scaling groups and CloudWatch, your Moodle infrastructure will be able to scale and grow with your institution, while having access to in-depth monitoring.

How can CloudZA help?

We at CloudZA specialize in marrying the Moodle platform with the AWS cloud services. We see AWS cloud services as the ideal solution for hosting your cloud-based Moodle infrastructure. Cloud services and tools such as load balancing, autoscaling, scalable storage and content management allows your Moodle environment to grow and scale with your institution. Being agile and flexible is a great strength in any organization, and having these strengths will only benefit your organization, your teachers and especially your learners.

CloudZA will be able to architect, provision, deploy and manage your Moodle infrastructure. With the added benefit of being able to offer full Moodle customization, so that your Moodle environment can match your organization’s look and feel, and echo your institution’s values and goals.

Moodle 4.0 announced !

Moodle 4.0 has been announced, bringing many new and improved features. With a revised navigation hierarchy system using tabbed navigation and an improved dashboard. This all helps cognitive load on the Moodle application and enable educators and learners to access relevant content with ease.

A major new addition is an expandable and collapsible Course Index on the course page, allowing students and educators to quickly and easily find tasks, activities, learning resources and track activity completion.

Moodle 4.0 comes with incorporated Managers that can generate improved system-level and custom made reports allowing teachers to measure and monitor student progress, analyze the impact of specific learning resources and overall improve their learning programs. Moodle has also updated their user tour, enabling and showing new users how to make the most of their Moodle 4.0 experience.

To learn more about Moodle 4.0 go to:

Contact CloudZA to discuss how we can assist you with modernising you Moodle LMS solution.

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