CloudZA innovates with Startups at every stage of their cloud journey. By leveraging AWS Startup Programs and working closely with Startups, we are able to deliver cost-effective, fault-tolerant, scalable solutions.

Empowering Startups with AWS has become easier with products and programs tailor-made to help accommodate business needs in their development phase. Firstly, it offers flexibility and scalability through a wide range of services that can be easily scaled up or down as needed – giving organisations the power to startup with agility at their desired capacity moving away from the traditional way of doing things.

This enables startups to avoid overpaying for unnecessary infrastructure and effectively handle rapid growth or spikes in traffic. Additionally, AWS provides affordability by offering cost-effective alternatives to building and maintaining individual data centres. With various pricing options available, startups only pay for the services they actually use – this in assisting startups in focusing their resources in areas that matter and can help expand the business.

AWS Startup Migration Program

The AWS Startup Migrate Program is designed to help startups migrate external workloads from other cloud platforms, co-location or on-premises to AWS Cloud.

Funded activities may include:

Startup Migrate Assess Phase (SMAP)

  • Partner Cash Funding to offset Professional Services fees

  • The discovery of existing applications

  • TCO analysis

  • Creating a migration plan and/or developing a business case to understand the value proposition of migrating to AWS.

Migration and Modernisation Phase

  • AWS Business Support Credits (up to 20% of MRR)

  • AWS Service credits, for offsetting AWS Migration Service costs

  • Partner Cash Funding to offset Professional Services fees

The program makes the transition to AWS cloud as stress-free as possible by offering the following benefits: 

AWS Service Credits

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to offset the AWS service costs associated with the migration

Partner Funding

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to enable hands-on migration support from Partner. Offset AWS Professional Service costs, associated with the migration.

Business Support Credits

+ Details

for support and consultations from a Startups Specialist.

AWS Startup Loft Accelerator EMEA

An equity-free virtual program focused on supporting early-stage, pre-seed startups in Europe, Middle East and Africa with technology, product development, go-to-market advice and getting you funding ready.

    • Every participating startup is eligible to join the Activate program. This offers up to $25K to spend on AWS services, a free one-year AWS Business Support subscription for up to $5K, 80 credits for self-paced labs, access to the Activate Console plus exclusive member-only offers.
  • AWS does not take any equity, the program is free



Major Benefits

  • 10-week program that allows you to build your own personalized agenda: 
    • no mandatory sessions
    • no demo days
    • no application deadline.
  • Benefit from the AWS Global network of industry leaders, technology experts, investors, advisors and partners.
  • AWS Startup Loft Accelerator helps you become funding-ready with hands-on workshops and concrete use cases, all designed to validate and perfect your Go-To-Market strategy.

AWS Jumpstart Program


Major Benefits

  • The AWS Jumpstart Program is designed to support Startups in the seed that have an identified need for strategic cloud services.
  • Targeted at helping startups that already see the value in adopting specific AWS services but may have limited technical knowledge or resources
  • Participants in the program are partially reimbursed for any of the Professional Services they use during the initial assessment process with a payout occurring once the project is completed.  
  • Depending on the scope of your project and the estimated Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), AWS will be providing half of the funding for the delivery of the project.

CloudZA Startup Package

At CloudZA – Startups get special benefits, making your move to the cloud stress-free and cost-effective.

for Pre-Seed Innovators

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  • Pre-seed, Bootstrapped, Angel, etc…
  • Architecture and Implementation – Inclusive CloudZA complimentary service $1000 in CloudZA man hours.

for Seeded Innovators

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  • Seeded, Series A, Series B, etc…
  • Inclusive CloudZA complimentary service up to $2000 in man hours

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Review and inventory of environment using discovery tools
  • CID Dashboard for cost visibility and analytics
  • RDS discounts
  • Well-Architected Landing Zone, for extended account governance
  • Monitoring, cost optimisations and right sizing.
  • Complimentary Well-Architected Review

We support all Startups:

Startup Support plan benefits (this is our support plan at a reduced price for a period of time, e.g. during and/or after the migration/project period)

    • Subscription-based support at a discounted rate
    • All-inclusive support of architected solutions and cost optimisation
    • 8×5 Support Channels:
        • Service Desk Support
        • Telephonic Support
        • Email Support

On-Demand Services Offered By CloudZA

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