Cloud-Hosted PBX Systems

“Can your employees work productively from anywhere using voice apps on their smartphones? Conduct remote business meetings via web conferencing without requiring apps? Service customer requests via website live chat? With 3CX PBX they can do this and much more.”

3CX PBX on the cloud

On-Premise hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems can be very restrictive and cause you to unnecessarily spend money on underlying hardware resources,  maintenance costs and third-party plugins. 3CX support both on-premise and cloud hosting infrastructures, however we feel that the true potential of 3CX is unlocked when it is utilize within a cloud environment. With AWS cloud and 3CX, you can create great cost savings, access your PBX from anywhere, have high availability and resilience of services and gain a streamlined, robust system to ensure your business PBX needs are fulfilled.

PBX Mobility

Access your PBX system from web browser and mobile devices anywhere, anytime. Works seamlessly with the iOS & Android apps.


Receive incoming call notifications even with web app closed. Let colleagues know your availability with Status.


Simply click the contact – no manual dial or copy/paste. Save time – automate the tedious task of initiating multiple calls.

Always connected

3CX offers a versitile Chrome extension app allowing you to access your PBX system straight from your web browser. Making calls, answering call and sending messages from your browser interface. This makes 3CX ideal for ease-of-use and PBX mobility, enabling teams to always be connected whether working from your internal network or remotely.

3CX also offers a robust mobile app, which gives you teams access to your PBX system from their mobile phones. This means they will be able to make and answer calls from their mobile phones, whether they are on-the-go, working remotely or in the office.

Cost Savings

“Switch to 3CX and enjoy big savings on telco and travel costs. With one unified system, your team is able to work efficiently from anywhere at no extra cost. No need to purchase any add ons for web conferencing, mobile apps, live chat, business text messaging and Facebook integration – all is included in the annual cost. Your team will only need the one system to connect with colleagues and respond to customers through their preferred channel of communication. What’s more you get to choose your own SIP Trunk, end-points and operating system. Check out our yearly comparison for a 50 user system and see how much you too could save with 3CX.”

Information and quotes on this page were acquired on the 17th March 2022:

3CX compared to traditional PBX providers

Web Conferencing

3CX comes with built-in video conferencing capabilities, which is a feature not offered by many other PBX providers. 3CX video conferencing allows for 1 on 1 video calls, but can also can cater for up to 250 participants per meeting. Other PBX providers require third-party applications to enable this level of web conferencing capability, which can prove to be very pricy. 3CX offers an integrated app-free, browser-based video conferencing solution, for all your web conferencing needs.

Any person outside of your company won’t need to even create an account in order to attend a video conferencing call, as they can access it via a one-click link available once the meeting it scheduled.

CRM Integration

With 3CX you gain access to a higher level of customer service, with many native CRM (customer relationship management) systems. 3CX allows you to while unify essential customer information into a single omnichannel platform. 3CX also has integrations for different ERP and Accounting Systems.

Some of the key CRM integration features offered by 3CX would include automatic call logging and contact synching, customer screen pops, and click-to-call functionality.

Modernized, cloud-hosted PBX systems

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