Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows for scalability, flexibility and agility for your computing environment. On demand computing resources with a pay as you use pricing model. 

Why Cloud? Why Choose Us?

The Cloud offers flexibility, agility and elasticity. Being able to only pay for what computing resources you use, allows you to scale more rapidly and benefit from necessary cost savings. CloudZA is customer obsessed, we truly strive to optimize and modernize our customers’ computing environments with the power of the cloud.

Portfolio Assessment

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On-premise and Cloud based portfolio assessments, CloudZA will report on your current infrastructure and application portfolio.


Architectural Guidance

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CloudZA has a growing team of Cloud Architects that are there to help you with architecting the best solution for your workloads.



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Here at CloudZA we are obsessive about cloud enablement and assisting customers with their cloud adoption journey.

Amazon Web Services

CloudZA is directly partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We have been on an intensive and valuable cloud journey with them, allowing us to grow internally and bring high-quality solutions to our clients. In the context of Cloud in South Africa, it is still very much a growing industry and a new concept for many people. We at CloudZA are looking forward to working with your organization to modernize and bring cloud-native optimizations to your business processes.

Cloud Migrations

Migration can be a challenging process for many organizations. We here at CloudZA take the complexity out of migration – we assist your business with working through your cloud adoption journey with a team of capable solutions architects. 

CloudZA has a vast ecosystem of migration tools, from robust open-source tools to mature third-party migration tooling systems. We have a deep understanding and 10 years of experience working with on-premise infrastructures, so we know what challenges you may be facing and we are confident we can solve them.

Elasticity and Scalability

The ability to provision computing resources as you need them, and release those resources when you no longer need them. The Cloud makes it possible for you to scale in and out, up and down. Being able to vertically and horizontally scale your computing infrastructure is a great strength for any organization. This enables your computing environment to grow with your business, and with cloud-native automation tools you’ll never have under or over utilized computing resources again.

Benefits Of The Cloud


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On-Demand Services Offered By CloudZA

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