Video editing in the Cloud

CloudZA offers you the flexibility of a virtual, video-editing environment utilizing the power of AWS. This solution  allows editors and creative professionals to work from anywhere in the world using only a laptop with a high-speed connection.

Key Features

By leveraging the AWS Cloud for editorial and content delivery, collaborating remotely to publish content to your preferred platform  has never been easier. You are required to provide your own software and associated licensing for your preferred video editing application. 

Holistic editing suite

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An edit host that runs your favorite video editing software post-production work.

Sharing and collaboration

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A shared pool of high-performance network storage so that you can collaborate with other users on projects.

remote access

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A remote streaming application so that you can access your workstation remotely and securely without having to transfer content to on-premises.

All-in-One, High Performance Workstation

Your workstation is deployed using an AWS EC2 G4dn instance, which is equipped with NVIDIA T4 GPUs, delivering up to 40X better low-latency throughput than CPUs, so more requests can be served in real time. This makes it the ideal choice for any graphics-intensive applications, such as remote graphics workstations, video transcoding, and applications that are optimized for NVIDIA GPUs using NVIDIA libraries such as CUDA, CuDNN, and NVENC. 

Benefits of Cloud Video Editing


On-Demand access to compute resources. Dataset are always available and backed up straight to the cloud


Flexibility to use any industry standard NLE (non-linear editor). Users also gain confidence of access with MFA.


Collaborate with other editors across a shared network storage, allowing for faster editing with increased compute power

Cost Effective

Save on costs associated with transferring large files and assets to collaborators or shipping unencrypted drives using couriers.


Fairly low resource requirements, with no upfront spending on expensive GPUs and CPUs. Simply connect with internet connection.

Agile Cloud-based Video Editing and workflow

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