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BizzCo Learning offers Industry-Leading Companies to Streamline their Supply Chain Space through People Development. BizzCo realize the impact of effective supply chain management on productivity and profitability. Their unique approach incorporates industry-based Training & Development, Competency Assessments and Advisory Services to the supply chain industry.  

As part of the BizzCo product offering, they assess, train, empower and measure to give you and your team the best opportunity for success. To date BizzCo offers 300 Training & Development Courses with over 4697+ Professionals trained. 

The BizzCo team faced a unique challenge, with running their Moodle environment in an on-premise data centre and found themselves running out of storage space on their shared server. This made the customer stagnant and unable to scale their product and roll out to more companies. The data centre gave the customer a 15 day deadline to migrate all of their data before they would ‘shut down’ their server and no longer have access. 

As much as running an LMS on premise may turn out to be costly, running systems on premise in South Africa comes with planning around load shedding schedules and other potential hindrances which in turn drive operation costs up. Migrating on-premise workloads to the cloud has proven to be the solution for many institutions looking to modernize their environments and benefit from leveraging the advanced infrastructure offered by AWS.

CloudZA designed and implemented a solution inclusive of a Well-Architected Landing Zone to help ensure the solution is founded on the best practices. With the Moodle LMS operating on Amazon EC2 instances and the database layer being served by Amazon RDS. With both layers sitting in a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) to help maintain security posture, an internet gateway was used to allow bi-directional connectivity between the internet and the VPC. With data being stored in an S3 bucket for a highly resilient storage solution – Bizzco can now backup their information in the most cost efficient manner while implementing a more secure solution to run their LMS on.

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