First Trust

Financial | Migration of website from on-premise to AWS Lightsail instance | 

First Trust is a reputable and prominent financial services company based in South Africa, catering to a diverse clientele seeking expert guidance and solutions for their financial needs. With a customer-centric approach, First Trust offers a comprehensive range of financial services, including investment advisory, asset management, and wealth planning. 

First Trust urgently required a swift and smooth migration of their website from an on-premise hosting provider to AWS. CloudZA proposed an optimal solution by suggesting the use of an AWS Lightsail WordPress instance, taking into consideration that the website was already developed and hosted on WordPress by another provider. 

The customer expressed their desire to move forward with this approach, seeking to enhance their website’s security with an SSL Certificate, which was lacking in their current setup.The Lift-and-Shift migration strategy was selected to migrate the WordPress website to AWS, this proved to be the fastest and most straightforward strategy to get their site live as soon as possible.

Throughout the project, CloudZA offered unwavering support and maintenance for the Lightsail instance, ensuring that First Trust’s technical teams were proficiently trained and enabled to effectively navigate and utilize the AWS cloud environment.

To guarantee heightened security and integrity of workloads, CloudZA meticulously tightened the environment’s security measures, limiting access to only essential ports and routes. Furthermore, we diligently configured and updated the SSL, enforced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) across the AWS account, and established programmatic access for necessary users who require it.

Upon successful completion of the migration, First Trust representatives expressed their satisfaction with the cost savings achieved through the transition. Additionally, they eagerly embraced the potential to explore more use cases on the AWS cloud that would cater to their unique business goals and aspirations.

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